Real love for the land and the products that it donates to those who respect and take care of it; innate passion for a good and healthy cuisine; constant research for excellence in taste and aromas.

These are the ingredients of the LA CASCINA PESTO that make it a great quality pesto.

A genuine product made with best raw materials, respecting the ancient tradition of the strictest disciplinarians. A pesto which gives itself away by its fragrance: enveloping, soft, full.

A perfume which is a wise mixture of oily and fragrant substances. Which expresses the quality of an extra-virgin olive oil born from rigorous cultivation, pressing and conservation, the latter carefully safeguarding both the plants' health and products.

A perfume which, in the fragrance of basil, takes one back to the warm greyish roofs and limpid blue skies of Liguria and anticipates a taste ……….. all to be discovered.